Our NEETs project in Merseyside

Two years on and we’ve come to the end of a big Clean project in Merseyside. Working with over 140 young people across the borough who for many different reasons were Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET). The project comprises a huge amount of driving around estates trying to make contact. Clean Language interviewing on the doorstep, making contact with the young person and their families/carers and sometimes their friends and partners too, building cleanly a model of their current situation; what’s working well, what’s not working so well and of course – what would they like to have happen.


From there we work 1-1 or in small cohorts teaching clean language coaching and systemic modelling so that the young people are effectively working together as peer coaches. Skills from cooking to socialising to being able to use public transport to Magical Spelling, to writing at all to writing a CV to applying for and getting jobs or college courses. Being a Clean project the team were of course, responsive to what these specific young people needed and wanted.


Over the 4 years we’ve been working with the borough the NEET population has reduced from over 11% to under 5% and we work with them in their last year of compulsory education as well as 16+. Many of the young people who attend one cohort stay on and help out on others and become very capable volunteer coaches.


Our methodology works just as effectively with the anxious, the violent, those with mild to moderate mental health issues as well as neuro-diversity. It’s highly effective and takes careful training – people who come into this client group with their own strong agenda, expectations or desire to help can end up creating defence and attack instead – we need people trained in Clean Language Interviewing, Symbolic & Systemic Modelling.


Visit www.cleanlanguage.co.uk for training opportunities.


Contact Caitlin@trainingattention.co.uk to discuss replicating or adapting this project for your area.

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