Feedback for a Change

Article from the Institute of Leadership and Development magazine The Edge on using Clean Feedback for real change between colleagues and across organisations. Download PDF: Feedback for a Change


Breathing in Blue by Clapton Duck Pond

Clapton Duck Pond

Supporting disaffected young people to develop peer coaching and meta-learning skills to enable them to rejoin mainstream education. As you read this article you can substitute disaffected manager for disaffected teenager as the process I developed during this work is just as useful for both. Download PDF: Breathing in Blue By Clapton Duck Pond Photo:


Clean Feedback

This article is based on an academic paper presented at the British Educational Research Association’s conference in 2007, about training PGCE teachers in giving and receiving Clean Feedback in the classroom. The paper was delivered with our partners at the Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning at Liverpool John Moores University. The article was… Continue reading