Caitlin Walker

Caitlin is the founding director of Training Attention and developer of Systemic Modelling. Author of From Contempt to Curiosity, she is the architect of innovative projects that transform workplaces, classrooms and communities.

Marian Way

Marian is a leading developer of innovative, easy to digest, clean learning programmes that have been delivered all over the world. Author of "Clean Approaches for Coaches" she heads up our training operation, Clean Learning.

Stuart Clark

Stuart is a senior clean facilitator and executive coach who uses his natural rapport skills to make connections with our clients and to support them to make greater connections with one another. His workshops and trainings are fun and effective.

Shaun Hotchkiss

Shaun takes all kinds of problems that people have found intractable and helps to turn them around. A UKCP psychotherapist and a talented team facilitator, he's also the world expert in David Grove's gyroscopic Whirlygig.

Sue Sharp

Sue's attention to detail and ability to pattern information makes her training and executive coaching very effective. She excels in high quality, straightforward feedback that can be easily taken on board by our clients and put straight into practice. 

Lucy Walker

Lucy combines her passion for international development with her infectious enthusiasm for getting the most from a group. She facilitates cross-cultural collaboration on issues from corporate social and environmental responsibility to community health. 

Cheryl Winter

A fellow of the CIPD, NLP Master Practitioner and ILM certified coach, Cheryl delivers high quality coaching, supervision and training in all sectors. She is a specialist in neuro -diversity in the work-place, ILM quality assurance and coaching.

Cathy Foster

Cathy deals with people under pressure going through change. Her experiences with stress as an Olympian (1984 Sailing) and elite international coach of individuals and teams help her now as life coach, couples counsellor and group facilitator.

Jacqueline Surin

Jacqueline is a communications expert based in Malaysia who coaches leaders to think, speak and write with confidence and thoughtful inquiry. She is the first certified Level 1 Systemic Modeller for group facilitation and organisational coaching outside of the UK.