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From Contempt to Curiosity


by Caitlin Walker

Caitlin Walker has written a remarkably valuable guide for anyone interested in how the metaphors of our daily life can amplify our group and organizational capacities.

Simon d’Orsogna, Process Consultant and Executive Coach

This book takes a courageous step towards filling the gap between a conceptual understanding of how metaphors shape our thinking and experience, and an applied approach for eliciting metaphors in practice. The examples illustrate how fundamental metaphorical thinking is to our experience, and how this thinking can be made explicit and used to accomplish individual and systemic change.

Loizos Heracleous, Professor of Strategy and Organization, Warwick Business School, and Associate Fellow, Said Business School and Green Templeton College, Oxford University. Co-author, Crafting Strategy: Embodied Metaphors in Practice, Cambridge University Press.

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Clean Approaches for Coaches


by Marian Way

A beautiful and well-thought-out book that concentrates on the practicalities of becoming a clean coach without compromising the soul of the process. Clean Approaches for Coaches combines simplicity with depth, accessibility with thoughtfulness, and clarity with the messiness of real life. The images, metaphors and transcripts from Marian's considerable first-hand experience provide an insider's perspective, which is what makes this book so rich, congruent and creative.

James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, Developers of Symbolic Modelling and authors of Metaphors in Mind.

Clean Approaches for Coaches is an essential handbook for coaches, counsellors, managers, teachers, parents - for all who influence and lead others and who choose to do so impeccably and with a clean approach. David Grove gave us access to the treasure of using metaphor to find meaning and to create lasting change. This book is the step by step, specifically HOW to make best use of that treasure in a practical and productive way.

Bev Martin, Coach and Trainer

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Clean in a Box

Box 1

The key to success with Clean Language is to practice. And now you can practice with these beautifully-designed cards… Clean in a Box 1 consists of 54 cards with 12 activity cards with ideas for practising various aspects of Clean Language and 34 question cards you can use for these and other activities. When you buy a pack of cards you will also receive a .pdf with more detailed guidelines for the activities. The activities were designed by Caitlin Walker, Dee Berridge and Marian Way.

Box 2

Clean in a Box 2 contains 26 cards featuring models from Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling and Systemic Modelling. Including:

  • Starting a Clean Session
  • Change Cycle
  • Clean Set Up
  • Clean Feedback
  • Developmental tasks
  • Systemic Modelling questions
  • Five senses
  • Triune brain
  • 3-part syntax
  • PRO Model
  • Drama triangle
  • Target model

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Learning Journeys CD-ROM

This unique training tool is inspirational and a great opportunity to observe Clean Questions in a real interview context.

This Learning Journeys CD-ROM was created in conjunction with Liverpool John Moores University in a series of Clean Modelling sessions with successes in the field of Sports Development.

Caitlin Walker demonstrates using Clean Questions to uncover their models for:

  • Working at your Best
  • Managing Time
  • Decision Making
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Overcoming Setbacks