We pride ourselves on designing programmes and interventions specific to our clients’ needs. We work lightly and iteratively to specify and clarify individual and joint outcomes. We observe meetings and interview across a wide section of the business to create a schematic model of the dynamics to inform the project sponsor and the project design.

We work backwards to uncover what needs to happen now for a team and organisation to be the way they’d like to be to achieve those outcomes. We are likely to run some focus groups, semi-structured interviews and a small pilot to test the efficacy of the intervention before we work across a whole team or organisation.

This ensures that those leading the change process are already using the skills in their business before asking a wider team to take on a new approach. It also means that at each stage of the project you will have time to reflect on what is happening and we can make changes based on what we are all learning.

We aim to leave our clients able to continue the work independently of us and we ask that skills transfer and train the trainer be an integral part of the process.

Please contact us if you you’d like to talk with Caitlin about your context.