At Training Attention we create intelligent networks of attention across groups, enabling them to make the most of the experience and expertise of each individual present.

Our mission is to support leaders, in all sectors, to build collaborative, sustainable, peaceful and highly effective organisations.

Our vision is to grow our network, slowly and intelligently, in local and global partnerships, testing and refining our work and supporting the world to move from contempt and conflict, towards curiosity and collaboration.

We’re a small, value and skills based team, dedicated to developing individuals, team and organisations to work more effectively, compassionately and meaningfully together.

Our approach is designed to reduce contempt, increase curiosity and inspire capability at work, at home, in business, in schools and in our community.

Through a combination of innovative thinking, rigorous challenge and short and medium term research, we’ve developed the credibility to work with the highest level of leadership, as well as the most disenfranchised of our citizens. We ensure that all of our consultants have experience in a wide variety of contexts. This keeps our ideas fresh, our expertise up to date and we are able to cross-fertilise best practice from public, private and third sectors.